Titanium rods the medical metal of choice

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Titanium rods the medical metal of choice

A metal that can resist corrosion and be joined with human bone is it any wonder titanium is the metal of choice in the medical industry!?

The characteristics of titanium make it crucial to the medical field. Easily formed into bars, rods, tubes, plates or wire, it can be used to create intricate surgical instruments and implants.

Medical grade titanium

The most common titanium grade in the medical industry is Ti 6Al 4V, a titanium alloy which comprises 6% aluminium and 4% vanadium.

Titanium alloys, like Ti 6Al 4V, are non-magnetic, non-toxic and non-allergenic, making them perfectly safe for medical procedures.

They also offer high fatigue strength and fracture toughness which is ideal for dental implants where a titanium screw is inserted into the jaw, acting as the root of the tooth.

Benefits of medical titanium




Corrosion resistance



Titaniums high-strength to low-density ratio is one of the main advantages in the field of medicine. Titanium medical equipment offers the same amount of strength as its steel counterparts but is almost 50% lighter, making it easier for surgeons and other medical professionals to carry out delicate procedures.

Osseointegration is the unique phenomenon where natural bone and tissue bond to the dental or medical implant, anchoring it firmly titanium allows for this integration.

Crucially titanium rods are not rejected by the human body they are biocompatible. As well as this, they are non-ferromagnetic, so patients with titanium implants can still be safely examined with MRI and NMRI scans.

Medical titanium is also corrosion resistant. When used in the human body, it can fight off corrosion from bodily fluids.

Uses of medical titanium

A titanium rod can be used to provide replacement joints be it shoulders, knees, hips, elbows or to repair broken bones. When reconstructing parts of the body, titanium is the metal of choice for surgeons for its biocompatibility and innate ability to connect with human bone and tissue. It can also be used to protect the vertebrae after invasive back surgery.

Titanium gives surgical instruments longevity. Offering resistance to bacteria, titanium medical equipment can be used for various procedures, including those that emit radiation.

Our titanium rods can be used to create medical devices such as:

Dental scalers

Eye surgery equipment


Surgical forceps

Surgical needle holders


As mentioned above, a titanium rod is used in dentistry for dental implants. Titanium orthodontic braces have increased in popularity too as they provide more strength and security, and less weight than steel braces.

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